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Our pride

120 anniversary of Pushkin library is a good occasion to look back , to check the course , draw some conclusions , enjoy achievements , set new goals . Our library in general and the American Corner in particular have become a beautiful life and professional start for many of our colleagues and users.

Corner staff are trained in the best American libraries , improve English language skills , broaden horizons, gain valuable experience , new friends and contacts . They grow professionally, they are invited to work the leading libraries of republic , where they wortily apply the knowledge , skills and abilities .

Graduates of our courses , clubs receive grants exchange of educational programs , enter the prestigious universities , participate in international youth camps . So they are our heroes, our joy and our pride: Dinara Sapanova, Balentina Puchkova,ROza Smagulova,Zarina Karimova, Kamila Yesimkhanova, Perizat Rakhimgulova, Alexander Komarev, Anton Komissarov,Naiila Bairamova,Kuralay Talapkyzy,Madina Asangalieva,Aigerim Zhomartova,Aiman Mukhamedzhanova,Alexandra Kislenkova, Ayaulym Tursynkhanova.

Alia Nurakhimovna Sarsembinova , now director of the Nazarbayev University Scientific Library in Astana . she is  surprisingly active, multi-faceted and richly endowed person. She started her professional career with us , independently mastered the English language, had successfully passed the international language exam and became a student of Master Program Muskie (Muskie). Anyone who is familiar with Alia Nurakhimovna talk about her only the best , admiring the enormous energy and work of this fragile woman . Our "school" had tempered her.

Kuat Tleuberdin , college professor EKSTU named D.Serikbaev , a permanent member of the American Corner . In 2007 he successfully defended his master's degree . In June 2010, he became a candidate of historical sciences . Through active participation in language courses and clubs of the American Corner , Kuat for the high score passed candidates  in English .Nowadays he is involving in exchange programs for teachers.

Our active participant Tursynkhanova Ayaulym successfully entered to Flex 2016-2017. She will study in the U.S.South Dakota School!

These are just a few examples of how the work of our library is reflected in the life of specific people , helping in their professional and personal achievements . We rejoice in the victories of our customers and colleagues, and we proud to have our contribution in their success.

Contact person : M.M Maximova Tel .: 261-333 , ext . 106

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