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How to become our reader

Become our readers to one - two - three!

1. the document proving your identity (photograph is free when registering);
2. book registration certificate tenants or address (if you want to take the books home);
3. paid in our office a check for 300 tenge
and get a library card once and for all life!
The ticket is a permanent, re is free at the beginning of each year. If necessary, for new users is organized tour of the halls of the library.
When recording to the library, please read the FAQ.
In all rooms, the service work assistant librarian consultants who come to help in difficult situations.
Books and magazines are issued in the presence of a city residence on the subscription for up to 30 days, in the reading room for up to 10 days. Rare and valuable reference books and encyclopedias on the house are not issued. It is also an internet room (search for information on the web), IT-Otau (Classes ICT), Media Library (CD, DVD, audio, etc.).
We welcome all suggestions and counter-suggestions for improving the library.
t +7(7232) 261-333
p +7(7232) 263-087
h st. Kazakhstan, 102
         East Kazakhstan Region