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A collection of Scythian-Saka gold Kazakhstan [electronic resource] / Ch. Ed. M. Kenzhebai. - Almaty: RGB-studio, 2005.- 1 electron. opt.disk (CD): star., col.
We invite you to take a fascinating journey through the virtual museum, repository of ancient creations of master jewelers - jewelry. "Highlight" of the disc - all the decorations you can see through a magnifying glass at a multiple increase. Multimedia CD also introduces the history of the tribes that inhabited the territory of Kazakhstan in the VIII century BC - Saks, Usuns, Huns, Sarmatians. On the interactive map, you can see and read the description of the famous treasures, burial mounds and Kazakhstan - Kargalinsky, Zhalauly treasures mounds Chilikty, Berel and Issyk burial Besshatyr, Tasmola, Tegisken Uigarak and, second Basil mound. In the center of the storage is the unique archeological find, a treasure mound Issyk - the famous Golden Man. It can be viewed from all sides - just twist the Skrull and Golden Man "comes to life." Each item of his clothing, headgear, weapons "active" - ​​clicking on them.



Great Silk Road [electronic resource]. - Almaty: RGB-studio, 2007. - 1 electron. Wholesale. disk (CD): col., ill.
The Great Silk Road - one of the great achievements of ancient civilizations. Its history is embodied feat brave pioneers, overcome the deserts and mountains on the way to unknown lands. The multimedia encyclopedia collected interesting material on the World, the Central Asian and Kazakh section of the Silk Road. Designed to all interested in archeology, history and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan.



Berel mound [electronic resource]: multimedia prezentatsiya.- Almaty: RGB-studio, 2005. - 1 RE. Wholesale. disk (CD): star., col.
Berel burial ground dating from the early Iron Age, formed by thirty one mound with stone mounds. Scientists believe that they were buried leaders Saka tribes, so this place is called the Valley of the Kings ... The CD introduces the unique finds from the necropolis of the nomadic elite of Scythian-Saka time (IV century BC.). They survived thanks to the phenomenon of permafrost. This mummified remains of people, horses, furniture is decorated in the tradition of animal style and a sample of ancient art. Samples of art of ancient nomads were the prototype of fine, decorative and applied art of the Kazakhs. Thanks Berel finds the mummified remains of people, we have a unique opportunity to trace the continuity of a fundamentally new level - based on molecular biology, population genetics studies. The materials on the importance of the mound are not inferior to the treasures of Troy, the Siberian collection of Peter I, the Black Sea Scythian burial mounds, barrows Golden Man.



Azret Sultan [electronic resource]. - Almaty: RGB-studio, 2005. - 1 electron. Wholesale. disk (CD): star., col.
This multimedia disc about the State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Azret Sultan." It includes a unique monument of medieval architecture, located in the city of Turkestan - the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, listed as a "World Heritage" by UNESCO. Encyclopedia introduces the mausoleum JA Yassavi mausoleum Turkestan history, mausoleum Hammam, Museum of Juma mosque, the mosque and the underground museum hilvet. It tells the story of the ancient cities of Kazakhstan - Turkestan, through which the Great Silk Road. The presentation contains 30 pages of text, more than 500 high-quality photos and 1 hour of video.



Otrar [electronic resource]. - Almaty: RGB-studio, 2005. - 1 electron. Wholesale. disk (CD): star., col.
Near the confluence of Arys the Syr Darya are the ruins of the city, the memory of which survived the centuries. Still retained his name - Otrar. The town is widely famous as the birthplace of the great thinker of the Middle Ages, Abu Nasr al-Farabi. Otrar mentioned in many works of medieval Arab, Persian and Turkish authors. The city stood at the crossroads of different geographical landscapes and is home to the intersection of caravan routes of the Silk Road. The ruins of Otrar has long attracted the rumors about the treasures of the ancient kings of the piles of gold coins and jewels, buried in the ground. Legends times confirmed findings of coins and jewelry.




Tamgaly [electronic resource]. - Almaty: RGB-studio, 2005. - 1 electron. Wholesale. disk (CD): col., ill.
In the tract Tamgaly, which is located in the middle of vast arid Chu-Ili mountains, marked a unique cluster of about 5,000 petroglyphs (rock carvings) dating from the 2nd millennium BC - The beginning of XX century AD. It found a huge number of ancient tombs, stone boxes, cysts, as well as burial mounds built of earth and stones. This multimedia disc released under the state program "Cultural Heritage". Dedicated to ancient rock petroglyphs historical-cultural and natural museum-reserve "Tamgaly", which in 2004 entered the UNESCO World Heritage List.



Vintage jewelry Kazakhstan [electronic resource]. - Almaty: RGB-studio, 2005. - 1 elektron.opt. disk (CD): col., ill.
On the territory of Kazakhstan found many unique monuments of bronze, silver and gold, adorned with precious and semiprecious stones, is proof of the jeweler's art. Multimedia CD tells the jewelry craftsmen jewelers. The presentation was made in the form of a quest for the virtual museum. Moving it can get into the hall with jewelry "from antiquity to the Middle Ages." The next room - "Scythian-Saka period" except decorations in the room are "active" busts of the king (Berel) and queen (Taras). In the "workshop of the jeweler," you can get acquainted with his tools. Interactive books in the "library" will talk about the tribes that inhabited Kazakhstan in antiquity and the art of master jewelers. In the next room the exposition "Jewelry XVIII-XX centuries."



Astana [electronic resource]. - Almaty: RGB-studio, 2007. - 1 electron. Wholesale. disk (CD): col., ill.
This is a unique multimedia encyclopedia devoted to the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana city. In recent years, Astana has become the epitome of dynamic growth and prosperity of Kazakhstan. Astana - a city of the future, the City of Peace and Accord. According to architectural design and scope is comparable with the best in Astana capitals of the world.



Presidential Center of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan [electronic resource] .- Almaty: RGB-studio, 2005.- 1 electron. Wholesale. disk (CD): col., ill.
The disc is devoted established in 2000 to unique scientific and cultural complex - the Presidential Center of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Presidential Cultural Centre is a multi-research and cultural-educational institution engaged in activities to implement the state cultural policy in the field of museum, library, art and music. The idea of ​​creating a sketch of the building and the Presidential Center of Culture belongs to the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. The presentation is made in the form of a "quest" in the building of the museum. For all of its floors can take a virtual walk.



Almaty [electronic resource] .- Almaty: RGB-studio, 2006.- 1 electron. Wholesale. disk (CD): col., ill.


The CD contains 120 pages of text and 700 photographs, three film: "Almaty - apple town", "Almaty - the cradle of independence", "Almaty and tourism." Multimedia presentation is devoted to high-rise hotel "Kazakhstan", is an architectural landmark of Almaty. Soaring more than 100 meters, the hotel creates a unique artistic image. She gained a strong position in the hospitality and for the past quarter century is one of the best hotels, using the well-deserved respect Almaty residents and guests of the southern capital. The CD introduces the history of the hotel and it received awards honored guests - including well-known politicians, actors and public figures.


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