Одна страна-одна книга 2019

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Realize your potential! Become our volunteer assistants - volunteers.

In the library you can:

- To read books kids
- To carry out intellectual and educational games;
- Collecting robots with teenagers;
- Keep circles of applied art (painting, embroidery, sculpture ...);
- Educate older people computer literacy;
- To participate in our public events, etc..

All your talents are important and in demand. A nice bonus - new and interesting acquaintances, a sea of ​​communication, kind words of thanks and a lot of positive emotions!

For business, busy people with a big heart and generous heart - our offer of sponsorship:

- Gifts for the children and orphanages of the city;
- Prizes for the participants of competitions and quizzes;
- Modern high-quality books for rural libraries of the region;
- Participation in social projects and other libraries.

Help, and you will return a hundredfold. Investing in minds - the most profitable long-term project!

Moderator: B.K. Abenova.
Теl.: 261-333

t +7(7232) 261-333
p +7(7232) 263-087
h st. Kazakhstan, 102
         East Kazakhstan Region