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Orda kurar "Ordagen": online meeting

As part of the Year of Support for Children's Literature on October 13 at 15.00, the Regional Library named after A.S. Pushkin on the official Instagram account will hold an online meeting with the head of the fairy tale project for children "Ordagen" -Tanen Parasat Zhamagatuly.

OrdagenThe upbringing and education of youth is the main task of today. Because youth is the future of our country. The Future starts from the present!
«Ordagen» is the only project that helps parents raise their children from an early age. This is a modern project that gives new breath to our fairy tales, legends, stories, unites national, human, cognitive values and aims to consistently convey correct and incorrect fairy tales to the child's mind.
«Ordagen» is an educational project that includes fairy tales for children, producing audio versions and cartoons of these fairy tales.
The Ordagenic tales convey all changes taking place in science, education, society.
Through Ordagen, the child's imagination develops, his horizons expand, gives an understanding of the difference between good and bad.
The Ordagen project was created to educate descendants who do not destroy, but create the Horde. "Ordagen" consists of the words "orda" (horde - eng.) and "gen" (gene – eng.). Here "gen", that is, "generation", means "teenager."
Fairy tales here are modern. Firstly, there are no former bears and wolves, but there are Instagram, Tik-tok, phone, macbook, robots.
Secondly, mutable fairy tales are included. For example, your daughter's name is Anar. Waking up in the morning, she does not allow combing her hair. In this regard, there is a fairy tale in which the main character is called Karlygash. However, you can click on the button and "change the person's name" to change it to Anar. Then the name of the fairytale hero Karlygash will completely change to Anar. The fairy tale will look as if it is intended directly for your child.
There are over 500 fairy tales in the project. Of these, 100 fairy tales of the peoples of the world have been translated into the Kazakh language, another 100 are in the fantasy genre, more than 300 are modern, nowhere to be found fairy tales. The collection of fairy tales is replenished day by day.
In the project "Ordagen" you can find Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek even tales of Africa, South and North America.

Join the celebration of intelligence, creativity and mind!
It will be interesting!

Contact person: N.K. Kudaibergenova
Mobile number .: 87055412525


t +7(7232) 261-333
p +7(7232) 609-087
h st. Kazakhstan, 102
         East Kazakhstan Region