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"Tagdyryma rizamyn": live broadcast

On October 22 at 15.00 on the Facebook page of the Pushkin Library there will be a presentation of the books of the teacher from Katon-Karagai Sabira Khaidarkyzy "Tagdyryma Rizamyn", who has dedicated her life to the upbringing of the future generation, and her son Kashkynbaev Talgat Sakkovich "Tunyk bastaular".

a3ca1a2f 4b10 4234 9706 38da911acf70The book "Tagdyryma Rizamyn" by Sabira Khaydarkyzy, a daughter-in-law from the Kashkinbaev dynasty, is a recollection of the life and work of the author. It consists of two parts: "Tagdyryma rizamyn", "Zhyly lebizder". An elderly teacher at the age of ninety analyzes the past and tells his children, grandchildren, and students about the experience. The author in the work recalls the vivid image of his father, a victim of the Great Patriotic War.
The preface to the book was written by the writer, publisher and honorary citizen of the Katon-Karagai region, Kairdy Nazyrbaev. "... I wish good luck to the book of memoirs of my dear teacher Sabira Khaidarovna and bless", - said the writer.
Kashkynbaev Talgat Sakkovich - after leaving military service in 1985, he worked in various construction companies. Since 2007 he worked as the head of the department, chief engineer, director of design organizations. Writes poems and stories on various topics. In 2013, the brochure “Omir zhaily oilar” was published.
The book "Tunyk bastaular" is a collection of memoirs by Talgat Kashkynbaev. The author tells the story of his native land, about the golden school time, childhood friends and childhood teachers, as well as about close relatives.
The final chapters present poems, stories and memories of those who are no longer around.
The author admits that it is impossible to include everything and about everyone in one book, and plans to release a sequel to the memoirs.
The books that will be presented at the presentation remind us, the readers, of the value of life, respect and peace between brothers.
Knowledge of the past life of the older generation helps to orient the future.


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