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Innovative Kazakhstan

Innovative Kazakhstan: desyatiseriyny documentary series on DVD


The film carried out historical parallels between past and future. Referring to such innovations as a potter's wheel, four-wheel wagon or stone books that were invented more than 50 centuries ago in the heart of Eurasia, on the territory of today's Kazakhstan, script writers put emphasis on the inseparable connection of times and generations, using the method of historical mifodizayna.

Episode 1
Head Start
For many years, Kazakhstan has a reputation for raw materials and agricultural country. A new approach to the system development of the economy enables our country to join the ranks of actively developing advanced technologies, including - information. In this series - the story of a special economic zone - Technopark ALATAU IT-CITY and the National Nanotechnology Laboratory at the Physico-Technical Institute, a leading development technology of silicon and silane.

Series 2
Tamers metal
Kazakhstan metallurgy has a rich history. In this series - the story about the latest scientific developments in the field of metallurgy new technology KIVCET, microspheres "Gold Nobel" institute "VNIItsvetmet" Ekibastuz ferrosilicoaluminum, Dzhezkazgan osmium-187 RSE «National Center on Complex Processing of Mineral Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan."


Series 3
Made in Kazakhstan
Constantly changing market conditions force entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan to offer new business solutions in traditional areas. In this series - on the production technology based on camel and horse milk, cutting-edge projects in the field of design and construction of real estate, production of environmentally friendly building materials, gypsum and paper for corrugated board as well as the development of the textile and clothing industry in Southern Kazakhstan.

Series 4
In the style of "techno"
Silicon (Silicon) Valley in California (USA) became the prototype for "technopark movement" throughout the world. In this series - on the development of Kazakhstan's industrial parks and free economic zones in various regions of the Republic.

Series 5
Creators machines
Own manufacture of machines and units. More recently, Kazakhstan was far from the main engineering centers. Today reached a turning point. And Kazakhstani enterprises master the production of very different techniques: from gas turbine units to barges and gunboats.


Series 6
Ordinary Miracle
The world's first spaceport Baikonur is located on the land of Kazakhstan. From here we went into space the first artificial satellite of the Earth and the first astronaut - Yuri Gagarin, opening the space age of human development. Now, thanks to the close of the Russian-Kazakh cooperation has witnessed the launch site realization of new projects - the construction of Kazakhstan's space complex "Baiterek" launch communications satellite "KazSat". Also in this series - the peaceful nuclear energy in the service of the Kazakhstan science

Series 7
Caspian, Borovo, Chimbulak, Charyn Canyon - every one of these amazing places - special cut diamond in the crown of the Kazakh Nature is admired by visitors from all over the world. Save natural resources of Kazakhstan is possible only if a careful attitude towards them, the use of environmentally friendly production ...

Episode 8
Financial, managerial and intellectual components of innovation projects - the three pillars - on which the further development of Kazakhstan's economy. At the junction of state and business interests originate new projects, interesting ideas and brilliant solutions to strengthen the innovative future of Kazakhstan.

Episode 9
Energy changes
It is hard to imagine a scientific and technological development of the country without the energy component. Skillful use of oil and gas resources - the basis of the revival of the Kazakh economy. This series is for those who use the world's advanced technology extracting, transporting and processing the "black gold" and "blue fuel".

Series 10
Leadership Lessons
What is the future potential of Kazakhstan? And what will happen when today's pupils and students will come after us? For information on how human capital is formed in Kazakhstan says this series.


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