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Center of Public Access to the Internet

Centre for Public Access to the Internet opened in November 2001 in the framework of the Access and Training Internet (IATP).
Financial support was provided by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs US Department of State (ECA). Administer the programs of the Council of the International Research and Exchanges (IREX). The project has received five computers, scanner, printer. In addition, every month to pay the costs of Internet access, administrator and trainer fees IATP Center. Subsequently, the successful work of IATP Center has received an additional 1 computer.
In the period of the IATP center provides all services free of charge and priority user groups were graduates of US programs, non-governmental organizations, journalists, librarians, teachers, vulnerable people, people with disabilities. On November 1, 2004 began the transition IATP Center for sustainable development. This resulted in the introduction of paid services, the expansion of the working time. Progress in this direction were encouraged cash prizes. Having invested an additional own funds, we purchased the copier and laser projector. July 31, 2005 Program of IATP in Kazakhstan was reduced by 85% and grant funding for the project was completed. From August 1, all the costs of the Center took over the East Kazakhstan Oblast Library. Tutorial Training Center - from basic courses in computer literacy and the Internet to specialized workshops: work with the database "Electronic catalog", "Zan" ("Act") create an electronic poster or photo collage, slaydprezentatsii, website and others.


t +7(7232) 261-333
p +7(7232) 609-087
h st. Kazakhstan, 102
         East Kazakhstan Region