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"One country - one book" - we read the works of Tolen Abdikov together!

"One country - one book" - we read the works of Tolen Abdikov together!

As part of the republican action "One country - one book", 2023 is dedicated to the work of the famous playwright, writer, public figure - Tolen Abdikov.

Tolen Abdikov was born on September 4, 1942 in the village of Enbek, Zhangeldy district. In 1965 he graduated from the philological faculty of the Kazakh State University. From 1965 to 1970 worked as a literary employee in the newspaper "Kazakhstan Pioneers". From 1970 to 1977 was the head of the department at the Zhalyn publishing house, deputy editor-in-chief. In 1977 he worked as the editor-in-chief of the film studio "Kazakhfilm". From 1976 to 1986 instructor, head of the sector of the literary department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan, editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Kazakh adebieti".
Since 1997, Deputy Head of the Department of Internal Policy in the Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Abdikov's first story, entitled "Raykhan", was published in 1964 in the collection of short stories by young writers of Kazakhstan "Tangy shyk" ("Morning dew"). In 1977, a book of translations "Hellas Erleri" ("Heroes of Hellas") was published, in which Greek legends were collected.
In 1984, in Almaty, on the stage of the Youth Theater, a dramatic work “Biz usheu edik” (“There were three of us”) was staged.
Collections of short stories and short stories were published: “Kokzhiek” (“Horizon”), “Aqiqat” (“Truth”), “Kuzgі zhapyraktar” (“Autumn Leaves”), “Aitylmagan aqiqat” (“Untold Truth”), the novel “ Oli ara”, dedicated to the years of collectivization in Kazakhstan.
For the story "Parasat Maidana" the author was awarded the international medal. Franz Kafka.
Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
In his works, T. Abdikov seeks to convey life with its contradictions, the complexity of human relationships. His works attract the attention of readers not only by the realistic transmission of events, but also by the emotional component of the narrative.
And you can find the writer's works on the shelves of the reading room of our library. We invite everyone to get acquainted with the work of T. Abdikov!

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