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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Director of the KSU "East Kazakhstan Regional Library A.S. Pushkin "
Department of Culture EKR


Use KSU "East Kazakhstan Regional Library A.S. Pushkin "
Department of Culture EKR

1. General Provisions

1.1. These Terms of Use (hereinafter - the Rules) KSU "East Kazakhstan Regional Library A.S. Pushkin's "management culture EKR drawn up in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan" On Culture "," On Copyright and Related Rights ", Rules of library institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, approved by the Ministry of Culture and Public Accord of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 118 of May 8, 2002, the Library of the Charter, the Agreement on Cooperation of the library and VC regional association of librarians, the Order of the NGO "VK regional association of librarians" of paid services (hereinafter - the Order "On paid services") and determine the general procedure for the organization of service users Libraries, establish a common set of rights and obligations of the Library and users;
1.2. KSU "VK Regional Library. AS Pushkin's "management culture EKR (hereinafter - the Library) is a library of universal public profile, providing free access to information in all fields of scientific knowledge as an essential resource for the development of economy, politics, production, business, education, culture and spirituality;
1.3. The library is a central repository of local literature and local publications, versatile regional center of interlibrary loan (ILL) and the electronic delivery of documents, the methodical center for all public libraries of the region.

2. The rights of library users

2.1. The right to use the library is every citizen, regardless of gender, age, nationality, education, social status, political and religious beliefs, and professional affiliation, and any legal person, regardless of ownership. Individuals receive documents from the Library on the basis of a library card, legal entities - under the contract;
2.2. All users of the Library have the right to:
2.2.1. Get complete information about the funds, documents and advice in finding and selecting sources of information;
2.2.2. Take the temporary use of any document from the library collection for free or for a fee, in accordance with the Terms of Use and the Library of the Order "On the paid services";
2.2.3. Enjoy all kinds of services provided by the Library, including pay;

2.2.4. Participate in conferences, presentations and other events that are held by the Library;
2.2.5. Make suggestions to improve the activity of the Library;
2.2.6. Appeal against the established law the illegal actions of officials of the Library, which infringe the rights of the user in his;
2.2.7. Provide sponsorship, charity, volunteer help.

3. Duties of the user library

3.1. Library users are obliged to respect the work and carry Library Rules;
3.1.2. When recording in the Library, as well as the annual re-submit ID card, report the necessary information for registration, fill in the registration documents and agree on the implementation of the Rules of library use of a signature. The library card is issued for a fee, which is set in accordance with the Order "On the paid services";
3.1.3. Users are obliged to take care of the library collections and timely return the documents (books, CD, DVD) in the library definition term. Term of use document libraries - from 3 to 15 days depending on the demand and particularly publications. The user has the right to extend the use of the source for a fixed term (with the consent of the employee of the library) in the absence of requests for the document from other users. Number issued by the user on the subscription of units of printed materials should not exceed 7 copies;
3.1.4. Upon receipt of the documents to view them carefully and in case of detection in them of any defects to report it to the librarian on duty. Otherwise, users are responsible for all defects discovered during the delivery of documents;
3.1.5. Maintain public order and cleanliness in the premises of the library, switch the mobile phone to silent mode, to respect the rights of other users, take care of the library property and equipment;
3.1.6. Finish the job and deliver the books for 15 minutes before the end of a particular structural unit.

3.2. Users are prohibited from:

3.2.1. Transfer your library card to others and use other people's documents;
3.2.2. Contribute to the reading rooms without permission from the librarian scissors, razor, glue, office equipment, replicated documents;
3.2.3. Make notes in the documents, underline, bend page, cut and tear sheets spoil label RFID-tagged document trace drawings, maps, drawings;
3.2.4. To take out the card and dividers of catalogs and files, make notes on them, to violate the order of arrangement of cards in the catalogs;
3.2.5. Photographed replicated documents, of the library, filming without permission of the administration;
3.2.6. Perform actions that are in conflict with articles of normative legal acts of national legislation and international agreements governing intellectual property (the Berne Convention, the Treaty of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Copyright Treaty, the Law "On Copyright and Related Rights" Art. 18 - 20);
3.2.7. To enter the library departments unkempt (dirty) clothes, street clothes, with pets, with food;
3.2.8. Eat foods in the branches of the library;
3.2.9. Work with the literature in the library café;
3.2.10. Enter the premises; use the office phone; interfere with computer equipment (to change the contents of the hard drive, install your software, etc.).
3.2.11. Smoking on the premises of the library;
3.2.12. Visit the library of alcohol, toxic or narcotic intoxication. Members intoxicated are not served.
3.2.13. Contribute to the library cold, gas, firearms, ammunition, explosives and poisonous substances.

4. Responsibility Member Libraries

4.1. Violate these rules on the basis of written statements of users and library staff are deprived of the right to use the Library for periods ranging from 1 month to 1 year, depending on the nature of the violation and the extent of the damage. Materials abuse individuals of this Regulation may be submitted in their place of work, study or residence, the judicial authorities;
4.2. Violate the rights of use and thus causing damage to the library, to compensate it in the following order:
4.2.1. Loss of documents from the library, or to cause him damage shall be obliged to replace it in the same document or documents recognized as library equivalent (cost and maintenance);
4.2.2. If unable to replace the document lost from the library, users are obliged to compensate a 10-fold amount of its replacement value at the date of detection of the loss;
4.2.3. With the loss of the most valuable and rare documents, users reimburse the cost, determined by the library materials involving auctions and fairs, catalogs, book stores;
4.2.4. Lost editions from the Library, the library cover the additional costs to the costs of its restoration in the prescribed manner;
4.2.5. Violating the terms of return of documents taken for temporary use, you are required to pay a penalty in the form of fines in accordance with the Order "On the paid services." For repayment of long-term debt Library uses the assistance of a bailiff.
4.2.6. Systematically violate the terms of return of the literature deprived of the right to use the library, where necessary library can apply to the courts.
4.2.7. Who caused damage to the equipment the Library pays the amount needed for its restoration;
4.2.8. If you lose your library card and obtaining a duplicate user pays the cost;
4.2.9. If you lose the token clothes, key locker bags for the user pays the penalty in accordance with the Order "On the paid services";
4.2.10. Users are responsible for the capture and unattended on the premises of the library books;
4.2.11. In other cases, damage to property or personnel Library users are responsible in accordance with the legislation of Kazakhstan.

5. Rights Library

5.1. The library serves the members in accordance with its Articles of Association, Rules of library use and applicable laws;
5.2. The library has the right to:
5.2.1. To determine the content and specific form of the activity in accordance with the objectives set out in the Charter;
5.2.2. Develop and approve in coordination with the founders Library Rules;
5.2.3. Enter collateral service for the use of rare and valuable editions, in accordance with the accepted procedures;
5.2.4. Identify the types and amounts of compensation for damage caused to users of the Library;
5.2.5. Engaged in business activities in order to expand the list of services provided to users and socio-creative development Libraries;
5.2.6. Define the conditions of use of library collections on the basis of contracts with legal entities and individuals;
5.2.7. Confiscate and sell the documents from its funds in accordance with an exception of documents agreed with the founders of the Library in accordance with the applicable legislation.

6. Duties of the Library

The library is obliged to:
6.1. To ensure a high standard of service to users, provide them with advice on finding and choosing the sources of information in accordance with their needs and interests;
6.2. To create conditions for the exercise of the right of users to have free access to information and documents from the Library;
6.3. Studying users' requests with a view to their fullest satisfaction, carry out bibliographic and information services to users based on the power of information and communication technologies;
6.4. Maintain the confidentiality of information about users and their reading;
6.5. Inform users about all kinds of services provided by the library;
6.6. In the absence of the necessary fund publications users request them from other libraries in accordance with the order of the Library;
6.7. Exercise recording, storage and use are in the collections of the Library of documents in accordance with established rules, ensuring their conservation and sustainable use, as well as printed matter, and other materials, which are monuments of history and culture, in compliance with the legislation of the RK;
6.8. Systematically monitor the timely return of the Library of documents issued by the users of its funds;
6.9. Observe the operation of departments Library and in the event of changes in a timely manner notifies users.

7. The order of records in the Library

7.1. Library users may be individuals who have reached the age of 5 years and older;
7.2. Members under the age of 15 years recorded in the library on the basis of identity documents submitted by their legal representatives (parents, adoptive parents or guardians);
7.3. To record to the library individuals present a document of identity (identity card, passport, student - student card or record book), as well as on registration document (for the use of season tickets);
7.4. User Library issued a permanent library card and assigned to RFID-tag with a personal identifier. For issuance of a library card will be charged a one-time payment in accordance with the Order "On the paid services";
7.5. People familiar with the rules of library use, fill the registration documents and confirm consent to the implementation of rules of library use of a signature. With his signature the user also gives consent to the processing of their personal data required in order to provide targeted services, statistics of the library, study the social composition of the population using the services of libraries, preservation of the Library;
7.6. Every year on January 3, the Library is free of charge re-permanent library tickets by presenting the documents referred to in paragraph 7.3;
7.7. Legal entities use the services of the Library under the terms of contracts. The draft agreement is prepared structural unit directly providing library and information services, signed by the Director.

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