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About Us

About the Library

Восточно-Казахстанская областная библиотека им. А.С. Пушкина

Today our library is one of the largest libraries of the region, the development strategy which is based on the introduction of modern innovative technologies.
Structure of the Library:
Center of acquisition and processing forms the basis of the library's collection. On updating and completing the library fund.
Centre of reference and bibliographic services sectors: bibliography, sector of local history and the sector of cataloging documents.
The sector is responsible for bibliography information and reference library operation. Reference librarians search for information on users' requests, including the virtual; conduct various information events for professionals.
The sector provides access to local history local history information resource for all categories of users and distributes knowledge of local history. Sector professionals involved in the identification of local history by publishing documents, archives, museums, in the course of work with the authors. Working on the digitization of the rarest and most sought-after local history publications.
Employees sector cataloging systematize sources of information coming to the library, and describe them in the electronic catalog.
Center for Information and Services - provides the most comprehensive information needs through the provision of documents from the library. As part of the Centre: Reading Rooms Sector (Rental Service and Night ticket. For professionals - a selection of relevant literature); Media Library (providing CD -, DVD- ROM drive, audio, video, music publications, reproductions, records, organization of thematic educational video lessons, film screenings (in a group or individually); subscription service sector (a rich selection of fiction and non-fiction, fiction film for issuing house) Sector registration (entry in the library, excursions for beginners to familiarize themselves with the services and the rules of work in the library.

Center for Information and Communication Technology: Internet room (dedicated channel and high-speed information retrieval on the Web, a consultant, printing or saving information to external storage, rental / reservation computer or the entire hall for seminars. The duration of the web is adjusted by the user in under the Rules); Training center and IT-OTAU (short-term training courses on the basics of PCs, surf the internet, email, etc.); Electronic document delivery service (delivery of electronic copies of documents from our library and other libraries according to the application user).

International Resource Center - a superb collection of books to help learn a foreign language in German Information Center, the French reading room, American Cultural Center. Work of film and discussion clubs.

Development Center libraries of the region - an important link in the creation of information space of the region. The main objective of the Centre - helping regional and rural libraries of the region in the development and application of modern information and communication technologies.

Library Director: Tleubekova Nazim Ernazarovna
Ust-Kamenogorsk, st. Kazakhstan, 102 Tel. + (7232) 261-333, fax + (7232) 263-087

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