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With the proposal of the head of state Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, the Republic Day will be celebrated again as a national holiday from this year. In this regard, on October 19 in the library "KIRAN ELYM - KAZAKHSTANYM!" The opening ceremony of the book exhibition was held.

The publications presented in the first part of the exhibition entitled "KAZAKHSTAN: CURRENT OF CHANGES" tell about the main and important events of the new political history of Kazakhstan. The works of well-known state figures, historians, and political scientists are concentrated here. Among them K.-Zh. Tokaev's "Education". Justice. Rise", "Foreign policy of Kazakhstan in the context of globalization", "Diplomacy of the Republic of Kazakhstan"; "The fate of the earth is the fate of the country" is an analysis of the current issues of the domestic and foreign policy of our republic in the context of the global economic crisis. The first land law of the Kazakh Republic" (compiled by S. Akkuly), the monograph "Political thought of sovereign Kazakhstan: origins, evolution, modernity" by A.E. Chebotarev, which analyzes and reviews the ideological and political heritage of the 1930s, R.A. Nurtazina's works "Internal and foreign policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan" can be mentioned. Also, from I. Adyrbekov's "Ambassador's Note", "Kazakhstan and the Modern World", "Fourth Industrial Revolution", "The Chairmanship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the OSCE: Trust, Tradition, Transparency" by B.K. , tolerance", "Foreign policy of Kazakhstan in a changing world" works are presented.
Economic breakthroughs and achievements in social policy are reflected in the pages of publications presented in the "NEW ECONOMY: SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT" section of the exhibition. With its unique geographical location and abundance of mineral reserves, our country has significant potential for the development of economy and tourism. About this in the collection of articles "Transformation of the Economy of Kazakhstan" by experts from Kazakhstan and Germany, A. Ashimbaeva's two-volume "National economy of Kazakhstan in conditions of globalization" and K. Sagadiev's 10-volume collection of works "On the way to renewal".
The section "SPIRIT OF THE NATION: BABA'S TESTAMENT AND BRIGHT IDEAS" presents the Great Steppe culture as one of the richest cultures in terms of content and meaning. S. "Teacher of the nation" by Ospanuly, "Kazakhskoe slovo" by G. Belger, H. Abzhanov, G. Kenzhebayev's "Independent Kazakhstan: higher education, science, politics", Sh. "Masterpiece of the Great Steppe" by Tokhtabayev, Z. Nauryzbaeva's "Vechnoye nebo kazakhov", F. Orazbekova and A. Shaukhanov's "Creation of Mukhtara Auezov in art" etc. You can browse through his works and get interesting information.
Also, the exhibition presents literary works of Kazakh authors published in recent years and infographics of the new history of Kazakhstan.
The success of Kazakhstan is the success of the entire nation, therefore the initiative, education, and daily work of every Kazakhstani are the guarantee of our common bright future.
We are waiting for you all at the book fair!

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