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"Language is the key to friendship, the beginning of cooperation"

September 5 is the Day of the Languages ​​of the People of Kazakhstan. On the occasion of this special holiday, A.S. A book exhibition entitled "Language is the key to friendship, the beginning of cooperation" is presented in the East Kazakhstan regional library named after Pushkin.

On September 5, the 150th anniversary of the birth of Akhmet Baitursynuly, a philologist of the language, founder of Kazakh linguistics and literary studies, reformer of national writing, teacher of the nation, spiritual leader of Alash, who said that "language is the most powerful factor that can save and destroy the nation" will be celebrated.
From the type of exhibition A. Publications dedicated to Baitursynuly's life, activities, and creativity were published: the first alphabet in our native language - "Oku sura", the first grammar textbooks - "Language tool", "Language tools" which describe the methods of teaching the Kazakh language as a subject, "Kazakh" which collected studies of "Literature introducer" Problems of Linguistics", "Linguistic Heritage of Akhmet Baitursynuly", 6-volume collection of works, including works, articles and documents found in the archives of the scientist, R.S. As a result of Imakhanbetova's search for archival rare fund documents, "The turn of the century: the creative biography of Akhmet Baitursynuly" and others, dedicated to the scientist's creative life, public and public services. works.
The great poet of our nation, founder of Kazakh written literature A. Kunanbayuly's works, translated into various languages, are always in great demand among readers. Library users can also familiarize themselves with the "Our Abay" electronic library, which includes works of poets translated into various languages ​​of the world, works of poets, and other materials related to the poet's work.
E. to those who say they will learn the state language. Romanenko "Comprehensible Kazakh with exercises and answers", U. Musabekova's works "Kazakhsky yazyk dlya stran SNG", explanations, orthographic dictionaries, and glossaries are of great help to those who claim to learn other languages.
Exposition "Language of Kazakhstan" sociolinguistic handbook, B. Hasanov's "Language of the people of Kazakhstan and great interaction" and others. The collection of literature on the importance of preserving and developing the linguistic identity of all ethnic groups living in the country, such as works, continues.
S. who comprehensively studied the problems of linguistics. Isaev, I. Chesenbaev, O. Aitbayev, A. Researches of famous scientists such as Zhubanov, R. Syzdyk's "History of the Kazakh Literary Language", M. Sergaliev's "My Language is My Religion", S. Amanzholov "Fundamentals of Kazakh language theory", K. Akhanov's "Fundamentals of language education", A. Osmann's "Language independence is the future of the country", A. Zylkybaeva's works "Native language - foundation", "Languages ​​of Kazakhstan: Handbook of sociolinguistics" were included in one section of the exhibition. Individual issues such as language change, language acquisition, the basics of written language, language and the human brain are covered in the publications "Introduction to Linguistics", "Language and Intercultural Communication" by S. Ter-Minasova, "Language History" published within the framework of the "Spiritual Revival" program.
Also, the exposition will be complemented by magazines "Language and Society", "Language", "Native Language", "Mysl" and "Prostor".


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