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RULES for holding the exhibition-competition "Auezov creativity through the eyes of artists".

RULES for holding the exhibition-competition "Auezov creativity through the eyes of artists".

General rule

The Rules of conducting the "World-renowned Auezov" artist competition determine its purpose, tasks, format and procedure.

The competition is dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of Mukhtar Omarkhanuly Auezov, a great scientist-writer who introduced Kazakh literature to the world, a giant of artistic thought, the first playwright who laid the foundation of Kazakh dramaturgy, a translator who translated works of classics of world literature, a great teacher who gave lectures in educational institutions and wrote textbooks.

Organizer of the exhibition: A.S. Library of the Shko University named after Pushkin
The theme of the contest: "Auezov's creativity through the eyes of artists"
Time of the competition: Acceptance of works (preliminary selection) - from June 1 to October 15
Work of the jury: October 16-20
Awarding of competition winners - October 21
Exhibition work participated in the competition - October 21 - December 31
Venue: A.S. 102. Pushkin State Library, Kazakhstan

The goals and objectives of the competition

The purpose of the project: promotion of national values ​​and Kazakh literature, study and research of M. Auezov's work, transfer it to the next generation, support our talented compatriots.

The objectives of the competition are: to strengthen the spiritual unity of Kazakhstan and foster a sense of patriotism by promoting the creativity of M. Auezov, to increase the public's interest in Kazakh national culture and art, literature and language, and to develop the culture of reading among young people.


Artists from the city and the region will participate in the exhibition. There is no age limit for participants.

Requirements for the competition work:

- the presented pictures should correspond to the goals and objectives of the contest and reveal the topic;
- the work is done on canvas, paper or cardboard in any technique (watercolor, gouache, pastel, oil, ink and other materials). The size should not exceed 1 meter. (For example: 80*60, 70*60, 60*50, 50*40). It is recommended to create works using innovative methods; each of the works should have a brief explanatory note (new visual art technologies, mixed techniques, modern avant-garde stylistics);
- only up to three works from each author are accepted for the competition;
- all works must be delivered ready for exhibition. The works are framed (wood or plastic), they must have a special hanger. The author's name, age, place of residence (city, district, village), title of the work, performance technique, school (college or isostudio), supervisor, if present, name and surname should be indicated.

Evaluation criteria:

- originality;
- giving the depth and meaning of the topic;
- mastering the basics of artistic skills.
- degree of complexity;
- peculiarity of thought;
- artistic expressiveness (compositional and color decision).

Terms of the competition:

- the organizers of the contest have the right to choose and keep any of the winning works in the library.
- the organizers of the project do not pay the fare and lodging expenses of the participants.


- the grand prize, first, second, third place and incentive prizes will be given to the winners of the competition at the award ceremony.
- special diplomas, gifts and certificates will be presented to all participants.


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