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"Great teacher of the nation" online foresight forum

"Great teacher of the nation" online foresight forum

On the occasion of the 150-year anniversary of Akhmet Baitursynuly, the venerable Alash, teacher of the nation, who became the spiritual leader of Kazakhstan, on September 22, on the Zoom platform, A.S. The republican online foresight forum "Great Teacher of the Nation" was organized by the East Kazakhstan regional library named after Pushkin.

Forsyth-forum guests: A. Baitursynov Institute of Linguistics, Senior Researcher of Onomastics Department, Candidate of Philological Sciences Pashan Dana Musabekovna; Head of Culture Department of Kostanay Oblast Administration "Jhangeldin Museum Complex of Torgay" Sarsekey Gulbanu Kuletovna, S. Biyarov Berdibek Nuraldauly, associate professor of Amanzholov SKU, candidate of philological sciences; S. Director of Abaitanu Scientific Research Institute named after Amanzholov, Professor, Doctor of Philological Sciences Kartaeva Aizhan Maratbekyvna; "Ahmet. Baigali Yesinaliev, a well-known film actor, singer, laureate of the "Daryn" state youth award, who played the role of Ahmet Baitursynuly in the TV series "Teacher of the Nation" and others. During the forum, scholars of Akhmatologist, philologist, and historian Akhmet Baytursynuly focused extensively on the education, creative path, and the heroic work of the nation's freedom and the integrity of the land. Also, A. in Kostanay region. A virtual tour of the museum dedicated to Baitursynul, "Ahmet. They talked about playing the character of the teacher of the nation in the historical drama TV series "Teacher of the Nation", and the speakers answered the questions of the participants. It is our duty to glorify and promote the personality and legacy of Akhmet Baitursynuly as the founder of Kazakh linguistics and literature, Kazakh journalism, reformer of Kazakh writing, author of the first national alphabet, poet, translator, teacher, educational scientist, spiritual leader of Alash, state and public figure!

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