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Three exploits of Vasily Kozlov

On October 5 at 15.00 in the conference hall of the library named after A. S. Pushkin there will be a presentation of a new book dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vasily Andreevich Kozlov “And the memory of the book will revive ...”, edited by Irina Borisovna Kalanchina, head of the public association “Kazakhstan Association members of the Union of Writers of Russia”, the author of many books and Salabaeva Lyudmila Vasilievna, daughter of Vasily Andreevich Kozlov.

The book about Kozlov Vasily Andreevich (1924-2008), a veteran of war and labor, an honorary citizen of the Ulansky district, a holder of the orders of Lenin, the October Revolution, the Red Banner of Labor, the Badge of Honor, the Patriotic War of the ΙΙ degree, is composed of vivid, living memories of relatives , friends, colleagues, fellow villagers, memoirs of the hero of the book - Kozlov V.A. The book traces three key lines, three feats in the fate of the hero: labor, military combat, parental; tells about a unique person who left a mark on the earth, in the memory of people, having gone from a simple worker to the director of a state farm (having worked in this position until retirement, making the state farm a millionaire) in the difficult difficult times of the Great Patriotic War, during the years of restoration of post-war devastation , development of virgin and fallow lands, consolidation of state farms and their development. The book actively uses industrial, everyday, family stories, funny cases, everyday sketches, humor, which brings a special emotional background to the content. Photos of different years and generations, archival documents, newspaper articles give the book a special authenticity and significance. We invite everyone to take part in the presentation of the book, hear the real story about the resilience and strength of the human spirit, and, through the prism of memories, “see” the life of a good, bright person, whose goodness and warmth of soul lives in the memory of his relatives and friends.

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