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"This age likes education": an interactive literature exhibition dedicated to Education Day

Dear our young readers and their parents, dear teachers! We congratulate you on a bright and joyful holiday - Education Day! On the occasion of this important holiday, A.S. East Kazakhstan regional library named after Pushkin presents the book exhibition "This century likes knowledge".

The exhibition includes artistic, reference, scientific and educational literature for schoolchildren, parents and teachers in various fields of education.
The book exhibition originates from the history of pedagogy. Y., who devoted his life to writing educational materials for Kazakh children and opening a school, opened the way for Kazakh youth to get a profession. of Altynsarin; Alashordashir, who worked hard for the development of science and education in Kazakh society - A. A., whose 150th anniversary will be celebrated this year. Baitursynov, M. Dulatov, J. Aimautov, M. The works of Zhumabayev, the founder of professional pedagogy in the country, A. Seyteshev, are presented to the reader's attention.
Publications that stand out from the exhibition are "Legendary Teacher", "Kanipa of the Kazakh", "Padishash of Teaching", etc. books.
Ya. Aktosunn's "Is the problem in the child?", S. Shortanova's "Say Mama?!"; "Speech therapy. Methodical manual", "Not untrained children! Book about early intervention"; T. Delaney "Development of basic skills in children with autism", O. "Special children" by Meleshkevich, O. Meleshkevich, Yu. Ertz's "Special Children". "Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)" books are recommended as teaching aids for children with special educational needs.
D. Bug's "Rozhdyonnyi chitat", M. Adler "Kak chitat knigi", M. Kesebaev "Quick read", M. "Interesting mathematical tasks for toddlers" by Sansyzbayovna, M. "Interesting Kazakh language" by Kokkozova, R. Winston's It's So Easy: Interesting Chemistry, D. "Education as an Adventure" by Burgess, K. Vorderman's publications "Pomogite svetret dyatym в математике" can be used to make the lesson more interesting.
In addition, the contents of the exhibition include "Education in primary school", "Kazakh teacher", "Teacher", "Extracurricular work at school", "Teacher. Education. Apprentice", "Mathematics and Physics" and others. the criticism is complemented by magazines of educational importance for almost all school subjects.
Congratulations to our beloved readers on Education Day and good luck in the new school year! We invite you all to visit the book fair!


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