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Information for Nominees-seekers of the Umai national award in the field of art of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Information for Nominees-seekers of the Umai national award in the field of art of the Republic of Kazakhstan

About the gift
The Umai national award in the field of art of the Republic of Kazakhstan is approved by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to further develop and glorify the creative achievements of creative teams, individual performers and national cultural figures.

How many nominations
19 awards were approved in 4 nominations: "Theatrical art", "Choreographic art", "Musical and performing arts", "Visual and decorative and applied arts" and the Special prize of the Umai Award for 2022 "For the best children's performance" timed to the Children's Year in Kazakhstan.
A complete list of awards can be found in Appendix 1.

Who can be a Nominee-seeker of the Award
Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, creative collectives, cultural and artistic figures, laureates of international and republican competitions, festivals and exhibitions, as well as candidates whose services are innovative and contribute to the development of culture and art of Kazakhstan can apply for the award.

You can participate in the competition with works of which period
In 2022, the award will be presented to creative collectives and individual figures of Kazakhstan for performances / concerts / creative projects / works of art in two theater / concert / artistic seasons (from September 2020 to July 2022).

Who Can Nominate Nominees for the Award?
To nominate a Nominee for the award:
- republican, regional or local authorities;
- cultural organizations (on the basis of the decision of the artistic council of the cultural organization);
- non-governmental organizations and public associations, creative unions and associations (on the basis of the decision of the Organization Council);
- educational institutions in the field of culture and art (on the basis of the decision of the Scientific Council) and other organizations registered in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - presenting organizations) can implement.

Procedure for competitive selection

Nominees' applications are accepted electronically (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), within 5 working days the Organizing Committee will check the completeness of the documents, after which the Nominee's materials will be sent to the members of the Evaluation Commission for review.

The works of the nominees will be evaluated by 12 members of the Evaluation Commission (3 independent experts in each of the four nominations), which includes well-known cultural and artistic figures of Kazakhstan.

By December 12, the Evaluation Committee will collectively determine the Finalists of the Competition (from 1 to 4 Finalists in each category). Finalists will be notified and invited to the award ceremony in Nur-Sultan.

Laureates of the Umai Award will be announced at the award ceremony to be held on December 23 at the "Astana Opera".

How the nominee submits the documents
Nominees' applications will be accepted from August 25 to December 9, 2022 by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

List of documents and materials for nominees
1. The application of the nominee - participant of the competition / candidate for the award is in Appendix 2. To participate in the competition, it is necessary to fill out, print and sign the application. A scanned version of the signed application will be accepted.
2. Supporting documents for award applicants are submitted in the form of scanned color copies according to the list.
List of documents for Award Nominees-seekers
1) Copy of the applicant's identity card;
2) registration application according to the form (in the table above);
3) a letter of support or a certificate of achievements of the applicant for the award (from work, educational institution, union of creative artists, etc.);
4) copies of award diplomas, diplomas, letters of thanks (if any);
5) Copies of the Nominee or articles and publications about the Nominee (if any);
6) other materials confirming the candidate's achievements (if any);
7) a copy of the certificate on the existence of a bank account.
3. Nominee's work materials are submitted on any electronic medium (3 copies if recorded on CD / DVD discs), by mail, with a link to the online cloud or on YouTube. The following materials may be offered:
- full video recording of a performance / concert / choreographic number / performative art work. For performers of opera and music-drama theater, you can submit an audio recording of the best excerpt from the party to be nominated (no longer than 1 minute).
- poster, program, brief description of the performance (performers, performance group, date of performance premiere) / concert / performance.
- a photograph of an actor in a dramatic role / opera or ballet party, a large-scale video image of an actor in a performance or an artist in a specific role / party ("Opera Art", "Acting", "Best Direction", "Best Performer in Ballet", "Best Traditional Performer " for nominations for awards) a short film-presentation (no more than 2 minutes).
- color photos (for large-scale works from as many angles as possible), description of visual and decorative-applied works of art: dimensions, material, production technique, video recording showing the artistic concept of the work.
- samples and/or photos of costumes and scenery, video recording of the performance in costumes and scenery, a brief description of the artistic idea, stage tasks of the costumes / scenery in the performance.

Where to send tenders

All documents of the nominees are submitted to the single e-mail of the Organizing Committee of the Award This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The name of the nomination must be indicated in the subject of the letter.
For example: A. Serikov "Theatre Art" "Best Direction" award


You can get more information about the award:
Organizing Committee - Yezhkova Ekaterina Sergeevna:
+7 7172 709 628, +7 701 360 20 19
In the nomination "Theatre Art" - Ali Akerke Kanatbayovna:
+7 7172 709 588, +7 747 348 24 35
In the nomination "Choreographic art" - Saule Askarovna Mauletova: +7 7172 709 597, +7 701 870 20 68

In the nomination "Musical and performing arts" - Saduev Beksultan Ermekuly: +7 7172 709 597, +7 701 771 33 96
In the nomination "Fine and decorative arts" - Abdugaliev Beybarys Elubayuly: +7 7172 709 628, +7 775 332 81 97


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